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Find Yor Purpose: Signature Program by Vibhuti Mutha

I believe that every individual have immense talent, capability and strength in them and there is need of molding and consecrating them with suitable molds, with which this world can lead a purposeful life and have positive ripples effect on the universe.
An elaborate discussion on "Purpose" "Vision" "Goals", these varied strings of life should be connected to one thread. That is the reason to why it is so necessary to find a purpose in life, to give direction to life.

Find Your Purpose; is a perfect blend of soft skills, coaching, exploration of potential of mind and heart and is designed to elevate your life and performance to a new level.

Vibuti Mutha, your trainer is a multifaceted , dynamic and empowering trainer and coach; in her signature “know your purpose” workshop she has brought the best a multitude of her skills and training in different expertise, mindful conversation to empower your mind and heart and equip you with essentials of globally acclaimed skills from Mind Mapping and NeuroLinsuistic Programming

Here are the core topics covered in this workshop:
  • Working on your value system
  • Practical tools and techniques to find your purpose
  • Goal setting – aligned with purpose
  • NLP tools to train your brain
  • Delve in the globally acclaimed creative tools and basics of Mind Mapping

Key take away of the workshop:

A tool kit of insights, understanding and techniques to discover your true purpose and how to live your life.

  • Know your purpose – tools and techniques
  • Vision – Define your vision in life
  • Goals – Write down your goals
  • Focus – tools to have focus
  • Logical approach

Real life examples that prove the concept of ‘knowing your purpose in life’ is logical and practical approach not mere spiritual one.
Carefully designed activities in the workshop will help you to understand and grasp the process aptly.

Don’t waste another minute living someone else’s life.
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Everyone has a story; do you know yours?
If you know you have only five days on this earth; will you continue doing what you are doing right now

A message from the owner of this life changing workshop Vibhuti Mutha

I found my life purpose and live every moment fulfilling my true calling. How about you?
I found my passion, and from the moment I started to live my true calling, my life transformed. For me, the biggest moment of happiness and pride is to see when my clients discover their life purpose.