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Testimonials & Feedback from the workshop attendees – Mind Mapping Workshop – 17th May 2012, By VibhutiMutha

Excellent, friendly, warm, knowledgeable about the subject. Generates and maintains positive atmosphere in room with learning.

Umar Khan - Director- Aerotech

Explains thoroughly, gives details and answers all questions.

Zeynab - Sharjah Ladies Club

Very Good Facilitator, delivering the right message.

Khaled Adra - Nestle

Very friendly, will be glad to join her in her other workshops & training.

Claudia Nassim - Teacher & NLP Practitioner

Very Creative in presenting. One of the best I have attended.

Cherry An Dumagan - Sharjah Ladies Club

Clear positive communication, knows how and when to give full information, very good workshop all in all.

Amal Sadig - American University of Sharjah

She is an excellent speaker, easy to talk to. I could understand everything she taught today. She has very good presenting skills.

Swetha Brigitta - Student

She was well engaged was great with answering questions. Her ability to gauge the audience energy was excellent.

Liz Russell - NLP practitioner

A good listener, good presentation skills, patient and polite.

Sudip Valiyara - KLM Airlines